Thursday, March 05, 2009


Why must I be a teenager in love

As Lenny and Karl would say, why don't they make any more oldies? I of course was raised listening to the golden oldies. It's just such a toe tapping good time and most of it is happy and upbeat. I still remember some tape we bought for around a buck at a gas station for filling up; we listened to that tape like it was going out of style.

I haven't been posting too much because of writing and work mostly. No internet at home really hurts too.

Our heat doesn't work really well; it just spits out lukewarm air and that coupled with our barely insulated house (you can see light coming through our front door, I wish I was kidding) means that we spent $94 on power last month. Since J is in Orlando, I have taken it as a challenge to see if I can get that down. I now see the benefit of a programmable thermostat. I would love for the "heat" to come on around 7 am or so and start to defrost the house but since we have an old school one, I came down stairs (after putting on double layers) to a chilly 47 degrees F. Yikes. Good thing the cats have those warm fur coats. Also the Clemson Snowfall of '09 ripped half our gutter off (which hasn't been cleaned in 1.5 years, at least), and that combined with the termites in the crawl space, the upstairs toilet that needs a minor overhaul, makes me glad I don't own this place and can just walk away without dealing with realtors and buyers. Plus they may or may not be building a new strip mall/Publix across the street from us, so it's a good time to GTFO!

Biking to work was nice this morning. I need to time how long it takes to load up the bike once I get an actual job and have to be there on time. The high is supposed to be 62 today and the weekend should be even warmer. I can't wait. J is driving me crazy telling me how nice the weather is in Florida. Although she did miss the snow and since we live in the South, we actually enjoy and appreciate the snow instead of cursing it with every breath like people in, um, Buffalo.

Get back to work! *whip crack*

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