Monday, March 02, 2009


Snow Day!

I don't have any pictures up, but Clemson got their Snow Day! My grandmother (who lives in Northern Alabama) called around 3 pm on Sunday just to chat and asked if we had any snowfall. Nope, but it was good talking to her and catching up. Then around 5:30 I noticed the rain (which is sorely needed and had been going since Saturday) looked bigger. Then it switched to lovely snowflakes and snowed for about 4 hours. I went outside, played around, made the beginning of a snowman, quit and went back inside. Then it snowed again for a couple hours which means the SouthEast is closed. Most of the roads are clearish so even though Clemson University is closed, the infamous Governor Mark Sanford, is forcing offices to open at 1 even though classes are canceled.

Bicycling in the snow was a pretty cool experience. I threw on my waterproof pants, threw the laptop in my waterproof bag and headed out. Luckily my bike was stashed behind our house at our neighbor's apartment complex, so I didn't have to venture down our big hill. I rode to Blockbuster to return some of J's Grey's Anatomies, then rode to school, stopping to watch the sledders enjoying Kite Hill. Today I was certainly glad I still had my knobby mountain bike tires. The snow and slush proved no match. The only nasty parts were the iced over chunks of snow, but that's true of most vehicles.

I think I'm ready. I've cold biked, cold/rainy biked, and now snow biked. I think I'm ready for some bike commuting when we move to Denver (or wherever we wind up after Clemson).

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