Monday, March 09, 2009


Albequerque Freak-out! Part II

It's coming down to the wire. Writing for me is nearing the end which means revising can continue and be the primary focus. I have some meetings planned with committee members this week too.

Our lease is up on June 30 and we will be leaving SC for good then, if not earlier. Hopefully I'll have a job that I can jump into, but if not, it will be a big step into the great unknown. We're still thinking Colorado. Probably Denver or Boulder and staying the hell away from Colorado Springs. I've lived in the South for many years and am moving to CO to get AWAY from that stereotypical mentality. It will be nice to be surrounded by Priuses and bicycles instead of trucks and SUVs. At the very least they weigh less so if there's an accident, I have a better chance of being okay.

The weather was unfreakin' believable this weekend. Sunny and highs in the mid 70s. SoCal weather basically with the added fun of snow on the previous Mon. It should last until Wed. evening and then cold rainy weather returns to snap us out of our "spring is here mentality". I love the weather in the South, but you have to roll with the extreme temp changes. Don't be stubborn if you were wearing shorts yesterday, bust out those long johns again cuz the high is 48 sucka.

I went for a bike ride of about 8 miles on Sunday morning. It was very pleasant. I recreated my friend's morning commute from his old house. That would be a very long gradual climb to school every morning. Now I don't feel so bad about my short steep hill on the way home. I need some padded shorts though cuz my taint cain't take much more. Now if I could only eat less, I might lose some serious weight. So far (from my max of 235) I'm down to 222-225ish. So not bad, but obviously still not good.

Okay, back to writing. Thanks for stopping by!

Linguistics might be my true calling that I missed. Maybe if I'm near a school with a good linguistics department I'll take a few classes to see if I actually like it or not. I do enjoy languages and trying to see if my ear can "hear" them.

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