Friday, February 13, 2009


Merry VD Eve!

Or VuhDeve, if you will. Since J and I are all super budgety and junk, I will be handcrafting her Valentine's Day card/gift. If you've never been to and like to create things by hand, then you are in for a treat.

Here are my suggestions for last minute Valentimes gifts made by you:
Kissing Cards by Helix the Cat
Glowing LED Heart Light by YoChuck (nice if Radio Shack is nearby)
Make a Cut-Out Valentine Card by fungus amungus
Etched Minty Valentines Candy Box by photozz (a tad involved since you're etching the metal candy tin with electricity, but what a science class demo!)

Some other awesome Instructables that are worth hanging onto:
High speed photography for beginners by Spl1nt3r C3ll (basically save up for a Casio EX-F1)
Quick and easy homestead uses for plastic bottles (#1, PET) by velacreations
Also be sure to check out Vela Creations' website for tons of useful and intriguing green ideas
In that same vein, you can watch and learn from Anna and Mark at Walden Effects about how they're living more simply and eating fresh fruits vegetables, eggs and the like. They also teach you how to track animals, which could come in handy.

For J's present I'm leaning towards the cut out card or kissing faces card. It should turn out really well either way.

Now for fashion news: Apparently androgeny is back. The NYTimes fashion blogger, Elizabeth Spiridakis, is enamored with 3 fashionistos (right? cuz they're guys) who are stepping up their fashion game. Bryan Boy, Yu Masui and Jean-Paul Paula are at the cutting edge of fashion. They see the influence that men's clothing has on women's clothing and wonder why that can't be a two way street. They all dress to make themselves feel good, which is what fashion really should be all about, and do so by pairing classic guy pieces with an accessory or shirt that would be traditionally called "women's clothes". Seriously, they're so fashion forward it makes my headspin. Check out Liz's piece "Boys with Birkins". I think my favorite look has to be this one from Yu Masui:

It challenges everything I've ever thought about clothing. The shoes, the headband, the top and clutch, and right there, smack dab in the middle of everything, something every guy has in his closet, a pair of khaki shorts. Unreal.
What’s your fashion philosophy? “Look ridiculous in the best designers’ clothes. I’ve never wanted to look cool in my life. My entire life is like a joke anyway. But I don’t like wearing costumes on the street. A costume is not fashion, and what I try to do is fashion.”
See? He definitely took the red pill of fashion and is not looking back.

I'm glad there are people like Anna and Mark of Walden Effect and Yu Masui out there challenging our "status quo".

I promised J and myself a camping trip once I'm done writing. I'm also thinking about using the space in the middle of my bike frame to advertise for Earth Hour, which is that new widgit thingie to your left that takes so long to load. Sorry dial-uppers!

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