Thursday, February 26, 2009


Like a bolt in the night

J up and left me. Don't worry; she has a return ticket. She flew home for several weeks for vacation and to help her folks straighten up the house. Yesterday she tackled their back porch which was a tool storage area since the floor remodel 2 years ago. I think the garage is slated for this weekend. She may or may not bring her bike back.

What is the protocol for abandoned bikes? There is one on campus that I park next to that has been there at least a month. The chain is rusted, the lock may or may not have been locked at one point but has now come loose. I think it's abandoned but want to be a bike rescuer and not a bike stealer.

But more importantly than that, J's time away from the house is supposed to give me less distractions so I can write. So far it's worked pretty well although the cats are making up for her distractions by being extra cat-tastic. It's going to be a nice one today in the mid 60s. Yesterday it was in the lower 50s and you could see people trying to force Spring to come early. I saw a guy running in just shorts and people laying out. Bunch of crazies, it isn't even March!

Also the Clemson men's basketball team lost a heartbreaker to the Virginia Tech Hokies last night. We have 3 more games until the ACC tournament and hopefully we'll have a rematch against UNC for the ACC title! Bring it Tar Heels!

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