Thursday, February 05, 2009


How 'bout them Tigers?!?!?!

The Clemson Tigers men's basketball team last night put a 27 point shellacking on the Duke Blue Devils men's basketball team. Duke was #3 in the nation and we were #10. We improve to 19 wins and 2 losses (Wake Forest and North Carolina) and take over second in the ACC.

The rest of the season should be exciting and hopefully we can do well in the ACC tournament and then in the NCAA tournament in March.

Since we don't have TV anymore, we heard about the score via Facebook and then from my co-workers.

Writing is still coming along. We're entering hardcore time. I'll keep you posted.

J is tasked with finding me a job and also increasing my professional online status. I just googled myself (eeewwww) and cleaned up a link or two. My technorati profile had my full real name along side my screen name. It's like that a few other places but you would have to click on them to figure it out instead of being right there in the search results like the technorati link was. I also need to professional up this place. I'll leave the NORML links because I believe in that cause and honestly think it would help with the current state of our economy, it would also cut down on the war just across the border in Mexico. Check out the NYTimes article if you haven't heard about the bodies piling up on account of our ineffective drug policy.

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