Friday, December 19, 2008


Only 6 more to go!

Unfortunately I'm not talking about pages in my dissertation. It's still a work in progress. But it's 6 more posts to 1,000! I'll be sure to let you know when that happens. Maybe then I'll actually update my template and spruce up this place. Yes, you're right, that won't happen until I'm done writing and maybe even not until after my defense.

I rode into work today and yesterday. It's been unseasonably warm all week but it is up in the low 70's today. Very strange.

So here are my first few commuting to work on a bicycle tips:
1) Take an extra shirt. You will get sweaty and stinky no matter what the temperature is.
2) If you carry more than a small backpack, get some baskets. I pimped my bike with two metal baskets on the back that screw into the frame so they're beefy and easily swallow up my messenger bag and J's laptop bag. A bungee cord is a great way to strap everything down while jumping off of curbs. Yes, I found that out the hard way.
3) Get some lights and reflectors. Trek makes a really cool 7 LED rear light that I opted for over their 3 LED rear light. More light cannot be a bad thing especially given my penchant for wearing dark clothing while night riding. I haven't picked up a reflective vest yet but I have my eye on something like these. There are lots of options for headlights but since I already owned a headlamp that wasn't seeing lots of use, I put the headlamp on my helmet. It's quickly removable and the light is up higher making me more visible and allowing me to move the light as easily as turning my head. Plus you feel like a spelunker.
4) Get some fenders. I found a set for $25 and it will hopefully be my Christmas present. Riding in the rain is in my future but for now it would be nice to ride in the wet and not get goopy rain water flung into my mouth.
5) Obviously get a serious lock and helmet. Both will come in handy and hopefully you'll never really need to use either.

Currently my plan is to use this bike for the time being and slowly upgrade parts. Hopefully I can upgrade parts that will carry over to a new bike when that time comes. I realized today I have 6 gears on the back whereas most current bikes have 7-9. Working on bikes is much easier than cars and far less expensive. Healthier too. I love not buying gas to get to work and exercising on my way there.

I'll be around early next week but no other co-workers will be here. It will be lonely writing for Seth.

Blogger friends have been found on Facebook and then friended.

I'm planning on buying some stocks with our meager savings and try to use this recession as a buying opportunity like all the rich fat cats do. Yes I'll probably buy some Apple because they are awesome and I am white.

I spoke with my friend who is a new dad and it was lots of fun but I was the first to tell him that Charlton Heston and Michael Crichton are both gone. His daughter is fine though.

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