Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Almost there, almost there....

I have spent the day galavanting around Greenville, taking J to the doctor's, dropping her off at work again, picking up prescriptions and generally killing time and working. Whole Foods in Greenville opens at 8 am and has free Wi-fi if anyone was wondering.

After lunch, I went to the mall which was pretty crowded considering some people are still at work this week. Brookstone willingly exchanged $30 for a LED magnifying glass for the grandparents. Hmmm, I wonder if that needs batteries. Better check, I hate receiving gifts only to have to scrounge the house for batteries; I don't want to be that gift giver. J has really turned me into a better gift giver. The little hints and tips that people drop, I've started picking up on those. It makes getting them gifts much easier.

This year we're highlighting local products. Split Creek Farms had some lovely goat milk soap that will be great in our "Local Products" gift bags. They also had some massive Great Pyrenees to protect the goats and they were the first of the breed that J or I had ever met before. Nice but their size made them a bit intimidating, so we channeled Cesar Milan for some calm assertive energy.

Happy Cow Creamery had some great preserves and cheeses to complete the bags. J wanted to put the gifts in baskets but if we can't find those, then reuseable grocery bags will be great substitutes, and eco-friendly of course, which is the whole point of highlighting local products: to spur our family to investigate their own local products. I'm sure there are some wonderful farms not too far from Birmingham. It's freakin' Alabama for farm's sake!

If I don't see you all before Thursday, have a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Festive Kwanzaa, Blissful Festivus, or a Transcendent HumanLight!

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