Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Thank You Veterans!

Be sure to thank the men and women who made this country what it is! I specifically thank my Uncle who served in Vietnam and both grandfathers who served in World War II. Of course also Dr. Sean at Doc in the Box for keeping our men and women healthy on the front lines. Thank you all for selflessly serving this country.

Cynical Chris posted this link to Boston's The Big Picture blog, which, if you haven't visited please kick yourself, is a collection of unbelievable pictures from around the world. But it has inspired me to pursue research in Antarctica! I know J would like to observe penguins and seals, I could help with ice core samples or wherever a set of hands and a sharp mind is needed, and we would both love the other-worldly setting of Antarctica. I just saw that you get a medal for being below 60 degrees South for 30 days straight, so I think that means it's really tough both physically and mentally. Of course a short position would definitely help with the cats since I don't think they would like the South Pole and also wouldn't like being in some strange house for 6 months to a year. Yes I know, first things first and I have to graduate before that happens, but it would still be pretty awesome. The job search is starting to ramp up as the dissertation nears completion (no not that close yet) but I'm still just looking now, not actually applying.

So in that vein, back to writing!

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