Friday, November 14, 2008


Still think there is good in everyone?

I'm always amazed by people who think that there is good in everyone. Nope. That's wrong. Wrong wrong wrong. Some people are just pure evil. If some people are pure good (they're out there) then it of course makes sense that some people are pure evil.

To prove my point, here is a video from CNN about a 6 week old kitten who was being kicked like a football by teenagers in Kingland, Georgia. Fortunately for the kitten, someone saw it, rescued the kitten and took him to Dr. Michael Payne of the Laurel Oaks Animal Hospital. He diagnosed a severely dislocated shoulder and extensive nerve damage and had to amputate the kitten's front right leg. Story from Jacksonville, FL News 4. Here is little Polly aka Tripod:

Personally I would love to adopt a tripod cat or dog. They're just so cute and really loveable, just like a dog from the pound they know that they were in trouble and you saved them. Friend for life.

This also brings to light why J should not be an animal cop. She is a strong believer in the "eye for an eye" policy when it comes to animal abuse. You kicked and threw a kitten like a football? We're going to kick and throw you like a football. You chained a dog outside and didn't give it water or food for 2 weeks? Now you get to experience that. Good luck.

She has no sympathy for bad pet owners and people who mistreat animals. As she repeatedly says, abusing animals is one strong precursor to abusing and killing people. Here's a couple links to studies with very strong evidence.

If you wouldn't do it to a human, don't do it to an animal. And if you would do it do an animal or human, please raise your hand so we can take you into custody.

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