Monday, November 10, 2008


Sometime you fondue, sometimes you fondont

We bought some delicious cranberry cheddar from Whole Foods (via Vermont) in order to make fondue for a late anniversary dinner. We never got around to it but that should happen this week sometime.

I missed an autocross to write yesterday. It hurt but I performed quality work and am now closer to finishing and graduating.

I present in group meeting today and will show various positive results.

A co-worker, his wife, his wife's sister, her man, J and I all went hiking on Saturday. It was nice. I miss camping though. I would've loved to stay near our final destination, pitch a tent, scrounge for firewood, cook dinner over a fire, lay down, look at the stars and sleep in my comfy warm sleeping bag, instead of hiking back down the mountain, getting into a car and eating chicken fingers from Guthries.

Real post and pictures coming later this week. Feliz Monday everyone!

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