Tuesday, November 25, 2008


I'll give you something for which to be thankful!

Does that title make sense? I originally had "I'll give you something to be thankful for" but in an attempt to not end sentences with a preposition, I changed it to that. Here is what Doc Durden has to say about it.

Writing is coming along but another student just gave his final seminar so it's now a race to see who gets done first. This sucks and I'm gonna have to kick it into overdrive if I want to finish before him and in a reasonable amount of time. Thank goodness it's a holiday and I stay at home and write.

J and I will be going to the Westin in Greenville for their Turkey Day buffet so we don't have to wash dishes or cook. I like to cook but the dishes blow, so we're giving this a shot. Of course I'll have a review and maybe some pictures. No promises on the pictures.

I might have a post tomorrow. I'll be carpooling to work with J and then going to Barnes and Noble or somewhere to write and use their wi-fi.

Safe travels and have a Happy Thanksgiving!

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