Tuesday, November 04, 2008


Happy 2nd Anniversary to J and Seth!!!!!!!!!

Ha, almost forgot to post that, and we're planning a lovely date night for Friday and then there will be homemade fondue on Sat. 2 years of marriage is delicious!

As I was running errands this morning, I swung by East Clemson Baptist Church to scope out the line. It was barely out the door and I didn't feel like waiting, so I went back to the bank which hadn't opened yet and then to school. About an hour of work and then back to vote! Of course my plan of not waiting was ruined because the line was about twice as long. I also couldn't help but notice all the signs at the entrance to the polling place. I need to check and see what the law is, so those might be okay but there was a McPalin sign at the far edge of the parking lot, like someone had measured the night before. I took my(okay J's) Obama magnets off the car as I parked in fact, just to make sure I wasn't breaking any rules. Waiting in line wasn't bad. The sun was shining, a nice cool breeze was blowing and people were chatting in line. They found my name, okayed me for voting in the local elections and then powered up my touch screen voting booth. I actually skipped the presidential and voted for senate first. I wrote in Brian "Ryan B" Doyle for Congressman, Bob Conley for Senator and then went back to President. I really like Ralph Nader and would love to see him as President, but J wanted me to vote Obama and I almost did since his grandmother died yesterday. In the end I went with my 2nd choice of Bob Barr because I wanted to vote 3rd party to protest how influential corporations have become in governing this country and the 2 party system plays right into that. However, if Obama loses SC by one vote, feel free to hold me accountable. I'm pretty sure McCain has it in the bag though.

J will hopefully be voting tonight. I'm meeting her at home at 5:15 and then going to our old polling place because when she updated her license, she forgot to double check that they updated her voting registration, which they did not. You have to watch those DMV people like a hawk!

It's going to be an exciting election. Oh, one older lady I was talking to after I shared the story about the 106 yr. old black lady in Georgia who voted for Obama, said that one of her friends wanted to vote and "make history". She said she didn't care about history and just wanted to live (which to me said McCain and old white lady in SC, that's a safe bet), but it was a nice talk before we voted.

Tomorrow, congrats on the election and recap of the last race of the F1 2008 season and the new champion!

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