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Personally I think one stop shops are the way to go, assuming you use the space efficiently. Drop your motorcycle off at the mechanic, grab a beer and a sandwich, email, blog, maybe get a tattoo? Doesn't that sound like a great idea? Well if you live in Oakland, CA, you can go there today! It's called Godspeed and it's a motorcycle shop, dyno, gear store, cafe/bar, and tattoo parlor all rolled into one! (Although on a very sad note a dear friend to their garage Norton Aaron passed away recently. Please keep his friends and family in your thoughts.)

This one isn't a one stop shop but is definitely an ecogarage. Luscious Garage specializes in hybrids (probably Priuses but I assume they do others like Camrys, Escapes, Vues and the new Honda Insight) and do tune-ups, repairs and even convert them to all electric. They have a range of 12-15 miles of all electric but considering most trips are within 2 miles of your house, that's a decent range. It's also the only hybrid garage run by a woman and that woman is Carolyn Coquillette. NYTimes article via San Francisco Journal by Felicity Barringer.

Yes both of these garages are in the Bay Area in Cali, but hopefully this will catch on in other areas. I think it's a very ecofriendly use of a business and space as well. It's also insulated a bit from one general area. Especially considering motorcycles are a summer heavy industry, the cafe could still be open year-round and making money.

Almost forgot, if you're near Godspeed on a Saturday from 10 am to 3 pm, they do an all you can eat waffle and bacon brunch featuring a never-ending mimosa. Sounds like heaven!

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