Tuesday, October 07, 2008


There's a recession?

Remember 6 months ago when the government was trying to assure us this wasn't an economic slowdown? That would've been pretty funny if it hadn't have been so sad and shocking.

I saw on CNN that Micheal Cera is one of the hottest young actors in Hollywood. Way to go George Michael! I knew that kid had potential. Also kudos to Canada for producing another hilarious leading man who has a great career ahead of him. The socially awkward George Michael Bluth was a great stepping stone for Michael on the excellent but cancelled "Arrested Development".

Writing is coming along. Another friend who is writing just set her defense date for Nov. 11, and with the dissertation due 2 weeks before that date, she will be extremely busy in the near future. I'm busy writing but not THAT busy. Maybe I should be?

CNN also covered a guy in East Texas (I'm assuming near Austin) that is building a house out of straw, mud, sand and wood. It really sounds like a great idea. And not terribly expensive. You also wouldn't need to worry about getting your house LEED certified if it's made of natural materials. J and I both agree that if you use space efficiently, you don't really need 6,000 square feet of living space.

I'm not really sure how that would work though. Maybe get out of school, rent a place, buy some land, find an eco-contractor for an advisor, maybe an architect who loves sustainable design and then build a house? Not sure but I love the idea of combining these straw house ideas and using old out of work airplanes for new homes and structures. Hopefully I won't have to chopper the parts in and can build it for less than 2 million!?!?!?!

None of this will be possible without some steady income, so BACK TO WORK!

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