Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Teas' Tea

They had Teas' Tea on sale at Bloom the other day and they were barely over my single serve max tea price of $1 at $1.09, so I picked up a couple. Delicious! Unsweetened and brewed with loose leaf oriental teas. The teas are made and marketed by Ito En and made a national appearance on Entourage in Ari Gold's office (Jeremy Piven's character). I highly recommend picking up some of Teas' Teas.

Of course, the best way to make tea is to make it yourself. It's much much cheaper and YOU get to decide what type of tea you make. Can't find a good unsweetened chai tea? Brew it yourself! I have been on a British and Irish tea run so I've been brewing lots of Earl Grey, British Breakfast and Irish Tea, most of which are heavier black teas. The main difference between Teas' Teas and mine are that I don't add ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) to my teas. I eat enough veggies and fruit that I'm pretty safe from scurvy.

The Atlantic Online ran a story written by Jeffrey Goldberg about airport security with an interview of Bruce SchneiĀ­er who is a security expert. Very very interesting and eye-opening. I've always thought the TSA wasn't doing anything but making lines longer at security checkpoints and there were still many holes (vulnerabilities) to our nation's airport security. One I've always noticed is the shocking lack of security at baggage claim. What is to prevent someone from stealing a bag or bringing a non-scanned bag into the airport? Not a
damn thing.

The writing is still coming along.

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