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Since I like trees and grass and dirt, I want to keep them unspoiled for generations to come. I have reduced my meat intake (but that lamb burger last night was delicious!), upped my veggie intake. I actually have only bought a half pound of lunch meat in the past 2 months, which as a sandwich junkie is a big step for me. My sandwich today is a roasted zucchini and havarti hoagie. Riding the CATbus occasionally has reduced my gas useage and I'm going to pick up a bicycle from a friend so that I can use zero gas and get some much needed exercise on my way to work. J and I are going to the local bike shop, Clemson Cyclery formerly known as Sunshine Bike Co to see what services they offer and if they can upgrade this bike some. Yes I should probably take the bike in and show them so this will be more of a window shopping trip. Bicycling was my primary mode of transportation during high school, besides the school bus. Driving in and of itself was a crazy propositionhere, not to mention getting insurance for a young unlicensed driver, so I didn't drive much and was relegated to terrorizing the barrios on 2 wheels.

Extra added eco-bonus, all of the aforementioned eco-changes save money! Veggies cost less than meat (unless you're hunting, killing and butchering it yourself), CATbus is "free" (Clemson students pay a transportation fee of $33/semester) and the $40 bicycle from my friend Subaru won't cost anything after the initial buy-in. Our credit card debt is under control, our student loans are crazy but manageable (I should have a good job by the time I have to start repaying mine), so every little bit counts. Even with gas as "cheap" as it is now, free is always better than cheap.

I'm slowly making a list of all the items that I will do once I'm out of school to save money and the planet at the same time! I'll discuss most of these links in a coming post but for now consider them a sneak preview:
Chest freezer to fridge conversion-because most modern fridge design fights physics (cold air sinks and hot air rises)
Frugal Eco-living-because being "green" doesn't have to cost a lot of green. Ah ha!
Terracycle Inc-excellent business that packages and creates new products out of your trash!
Compost-don't throw out those veggie bits, turn them into fertilizer...somehow
Andy's Truck Adventure-here's his first post but to save money, Andy decides to live in the bed of his truck

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