Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Curly is the new funny!

As someone with curly hair, in an interracial and intraspecies relationship, I have really enjoyed following the exploits of Abbi Crutchfield, comedienne extraordinaire at her blog Curly Comedy. She is a frequent visitor of Cynical Chris' blog and that was my first exposure to her. I still have yet to see any video of her stand-up but I'm sure it's side splittingly hilarious.

She was recently in a sketch with Tracy Morgan for the 2008 VH1 Hip Hop Awards. Unfortunately all her speaking parts were cut out of what was actually aired but she was on TV!

In other Viacom media conglomerate news, South Park and The Sarah Silverman Show have their season premieres tonight. I should have reviews later this week.

The 2nd round of the presidential debates happened in Nashville last night. J and I once again fled to BBC coverage, thumbing our noses at the Big 6. We haven't actually watched it yet but will soon and then I can give you my 2 cents.

This weekend is the Formula 1 Fuji Television Japanese Grand Prix at the Fuji Speedway. The driver's championship is coming down to the wire!

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