Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Wait! Come back!

What if my mustache crept off my face and fought crime at night, a crime fighting mustache, if you will? Would I dream it? Would I be completely clueless? Would it come back stinking of sweat and blood? Sounds like a funny idea for a comic. Or not. Maybe that will be my first stab at a comic book.

Are you ever sitting around the break room, sipping coffe and giving animals grades? Do you endlessly argue that a giraffe would definitely score a B+ but your friend makes a strong case for a D-? Argue no more friends! A wordpress blog to the rescue! Animal Review is a blog written by an unknown individual or team of individuals who review animals and score them on the standard A-F grade scale. Enjoy, I'm off to see what grade bats received.

For the record, my favorite bat would definitely be the giant fruit bat because it is scary huge but only eats fruit and nectar. Wiki page.

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