Tuesday, September 30, 2008


Precondition, precondition, precondition

I'm very glad I wasn't playing a McCain buzzword drinking game during the debates. I would have had alcohol poisoning after the 17th "precondition". Things I took away from the debates:
McCain really likes to repeat his strong points either because that's the only way his supporters will remember them or he forgot he has already said it once or twice before.
Obama really needs to get into specifics in the first 30 seconds of his answers (out of 2 minutes) and not the last 30 seconds. You lead with the good stuff. Don't hide it behind fluff.
McCain's points spoke to his constituents concerns and values. He's going to take care of veterans and will not meet with any foreign leader unless they subject to an anal probe or some other ridiculous "precondition". Even those shifty Spaniards.
Obama is very willing to meet with any foreign leader and apparently realizes that many meetings will take place to actually fix the world's problems. One magical preconditioning meeting isn't going to fix anything.
BBC America is by far the best channel for watching the debates. They have cool British accents, are fairly impartial, and they had correspondents from around the world immediately after discussing their thoughts. Beijing didn't give a shit and were glad China wasn't mentioned. They had people walking in space anyway so that took precedence. Moscow was a bit concerned by McCain's comments about renewing the cold war and didn't like either one condemning their actions in Georgia. The guy in Baghdad watched but I can't remember what he said.

Next round: VP debates! I'm very excited and can't wait. Be sure to tune in to BBC America for live coverage or you can opt for one of the six American media conglomerates for coverage.

In tragic news, the great and wonderful Paul Newman has passed. He was an amazing actor, amazing racecar driver and motorsport enthusiast and owner, and was also a huge environmentalist (ecoist to use Bob Redford's term) and made a mean pasta sauce. My first foray into Paul was via Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Great buddy Western film and also made me a long time Robert Redford fan. Later I would watch The Sting and then Cool Hand Luke which cemented my image of him as one of the greats.

Newman is on the left and the "other guy" is racing legend Mario Andretti.
You will be missed Paul. The world will miss you. Please look at Paul Newman's wiki page and his imdb page as well.

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