Tuesday, September 02, 2008


Gnome, Alaska

I was just as dumb-founded as the rest of you when I heard McCain's VP pick. I have been successfully ignoring most of the coverage from both the Democratic and Republican conventions. Other than officially picking their party's candidates, what is the point of the convention? Most of the campaign tactic meetings happen behind closed doors so why the week long (or longer) TV coverage? Oh right, because the corporate sponsors are paying for it. Sorry couldn't forget about you corporations.

I thoroughly enjoyed Matt Taibi's piece on the DNC that he showed on Bill Maher's HBO show and how they were treating their dissenters (non-corporate guests). The free speech zone was set up very far away from everything. It was fenced in and certainly not within earshot of any delegate, senator or candidate. But the Target party was jumpin'! Everyone who was anyone was there! Behind an innocuous black door was an invitation only meet and greet for the freshman members of Congress sponsored by the credit industry. And that's why I'm voting Libertarian, because I'm sick of only money talking in Washington. The government is for the PEOPLE, not the people exploiting the people.

Check out the short (under 5 minute) video clip (NSFW due to language) via youtube and MilkandCookies.

Matt Taibbi is Rolling Stone's senior political correspondent and be sure to check out his blog on Smirking Chimp.


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