Wednesday, August 27, 2008


It's a twister!

You may have heard that Clemson University was hit by a tornado yesterday. It missed the stadium by about 150 yards and snapped a lightpole on the practice field, made a hole in some very large trees and tore the outdoor store's sign out of the ground. I also read that there was some damage to houses behind downtown as well. So far no one is reported injured or missing and the most damage has been to houses, cars and trees.

Since our building is right down the street from the stadium, and our windows are on the 4th floor, and we're stupid enough not to go downstairs, we got a great view of the funnel cloud forming and moving slowly over the campus. Once it was next to the building, we did head downstairs and luckily everyone's research (and dissertations in progress!) are just fine. Phew.

The link at the top has a link to some pictures sent in by people. It actually looks gigantic but didn't do too much damage. This was by far the closest I've ever come to a tornado and will be sure to check it off my natural disaster list. Hurricane and earthquake have previously been checked off.

Judging by the location, I would say that is after the tree and sign destruction. I'm not sure if it touched down again or let the crazy winds do the rest of the damage to houses. Here's a link to a picture of most of the tree damage. Those trees used to have large glorious branches.

Crazy crazy. Back to work! Oh, this storm system has given the drought stricken South some much needed rain. Thanks Fay!



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