Friday, July 18, 2008


Woo-hoo! Alabama!

Aw yeah! Congratulations fat asses! You helped take Alabama to the #2 fattest state in the country! Yee-haw! How about another deep fried Twinkie?
Why is the South so heavy? The traditional Southern diet -- high in fat and fried food -- may be part of the answer, said Dr. William Dietz, who heads CDC's nutrition, physical activity and obesity division.

The South also has a large concentration of rural residents and black women -- two groups that tend to have higher obesity rates, he said.
Who knew the CDC was so racists? All black women are not fat and your precious stats and surveys don't give you the right to go around calling black women and rural folk fat. Besides, they're not fat, they're just big-boned. Sorry to say I'm not helping matters. I just googled a BMI calculator and I'm obese too! Oh no! Well, I do live in the South and am American so it isn't my fault! Hooray! Hehe, but isn't that what's wrong with this country in the first place? No one wants to take responsibility for their actions anymore. Well don't lump me in together with those jerks. It is 100% my fault that I'm fat. At 68 inches and 227 pounds, I had a feeling I was no Mr. Lance "Enlarged Heart" Armstrong, but I still feel pretty good. My mental health is alright (getting out of grad school would help a shit-ton). My exercise regiment is decent but obviously I might need to take up my cardio a bit. I'm slowly cutting out dairy (on a temporary basis, I'm not sure I could never eat another grilled cheese sandwich again [wait, what? holy double negative. I'm sure I will have to eat another grilled cheese sandwich again]) And that vegan cheese we bought melts like a champ but tastes like nothing. It sort of tastes like melted orange but certainly not cheese, and yes the color orange not the fruit. I drank the last of our Happy Cow whole milk last night. My meat intake has decreased. I haven't bought lunch meat in weeks. My wine intake could go up. So many freakin' studies have shown that a glass of wine a day helps in every way. That's a good idea. I'll start drinking a small amount of wine a day, in addition to everything else. The meat reduction strategy is an entire life thing but the dairy thing is just to see how I feel after 2 weeks of no dairy.

Also South Carolina is 7th on the list.

My dream last night was J and I hanging out at the Playboy Mansion during Casablanca Night. Hef was a very charming host, Holly and Bridget were funny and enchanting and I don't specifically remember Kendra but I'm sure she was around somewhere. I'm fairly certain the Captain Morgan's Rum contest to attend the Playboy Mansion's Halloween party inspired that particular dream, which reminds me, I'm off to register for Captain Morgan's contest to go to the Playboy Mansion's Halloween party. I would provide the link but I don't want to make it easy for you to enter the contest and blow my chances.

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