Thursday, July 24, 2008


Which of these button calls your parents to pick you up?

- Triumph the Insult Dog, from the Conan O'Brien show during his hilarious interviews of people waiting to see one of the Star Wars prequels. There you go, it's 10 min. long but very funny.

So with my vegetarianish diet, I haven't seen the weight come flying off but I do feel better and can feel the heart disease and diabetes draining away from me. Basically I need to get off my ass and do more cardio. If only I had an actor's schedule and was paid to be in shape. I love the first thing workout. I reveled in it during college. First class wasn't until 11 am so you could sleep in till 9-9:30, go workout, shower, catch a quick snack for breakfast and make your way to class, energized, focused and ready to take on the world! Now, it's struggle out of bed at 6:30, feed the cats, make lunch, make and eat breakfast, clothes then work around 8-8:30. I really miss that morning endorphin fest. Why don't you wake up earlier? I might have to when I get a real job but for now, I'm not willing to go earlier. A 5 am wake up routine would definitely allow a morning jog and (quick check of shows sunrise at 6:30, so it might be light enough at 6. Maybe a 6 am jog isn't out of the question. Hmmmm, I might have to look into that. Also every Southerner will tell you that the only time to do outdoor activity is early morning or late evening. Only crazies jog in the early afternoon with peak humidity and peak temperature, that's a good recipe for heat stroke. Ok, enough of my "exercise regime".

Thanks to Cynical Chris, I found a link to the Funky Ghetto Hijabi and her confessions. She's a Nigerian Canadian who comprised a list of 50 mixed race actors, musicians, writers and models. Very interesting list and a couple surprises. Of course J knew already, but I didn't know that Rob Schneider was mixed (Filipino/European American) or Tera Patrick (Thai/European Jewish) was also (porn star link, so probably NSFW). As some of you know, I'm in an interracial marriage and at least one of our kids (others will be adopted) will be mixed (Euro American[white!]/Korean) so I have a vested interest in seeing how society views them. Thankfully they are more and more accepted everyday and aren't subject to as much ridicule as before. I even saw a "mixed" box under the race section last time I donated blood, hooray! In the future those boxes will dwindle to "mixed" or "inbred". Yeah, it's only a matter of time.

But Funky Ghetto Hijabi has a very interesting background and point of view when it comes to racism (which she says didn't affect her too much) but especially classism. Read her post White Trash Pride for her point of view.

Through her website, I wandered over to Saudi Stepford Wife:
American/Saudi with a dash of religiosity, a pinch of realistic feminism, and usually with humorous overtones.
She hasn't posted in a bit but her archives are pretty interesting.

Also, I've been reading through Rantings of an Arab Chick's archives. She is an Arab who married an American and is now a special education teacher. I like her blog for her common sense approach to teaching and discipline and her outsiderish views of our nation and education system and she's racing a mixed race daughter as well.

Okay, off to read a bit more then to work!

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