Friday, July 25, 2008


We have a plan!

Once I'm done here, J will apply to grad school for wildlife conservation (because she loves animals and wants to help them but doesn't want to be a vet) and I will follow her to wherever she winds up and find a job there. This plan might change but since J has been sacrificing by staying in South Carolina while I get my degree, it will be my turn to sacrifice and follow her to her school of choice.

This season of Weeds is moving along quite well. I can't believe Nancy (Mary-Louise Parker's character) went through the tunnel. Where did she think it went? To a goldmine? Buried treasure? Canada? A tunnel in the back of your store near the Mexican border goes to MEXICO and the guy who employs Guillermo (the always amazing Guillermo Diaz) and more importantly you to be the face of the store that is clearly a front bringing fresh packed bricks of mota into this country. (Yes, the government could tax it and cut the bad drug dealers out of the picture, but they don't want to do that) But you had to go and venture into the tunnel and got in big trouble.

I can't wait for Andy (Justin Kirk) and Doug (Kevin Nealon) to become coyotes. Of course, neither one of them speaks Spanish well, if at all, so this should be a hilarious storyline.

Yes it comes on Monday nights but we didn't watch it until yesterday. If you don't get Showtime, I would highly recommend finding a friend who does, renting or buying the DVD sets. It's a great show that doesn't glorify the drug business at all. It's a fairly realistic take on it, I guess, not being a SoCal dealer myself.

Back to work!



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