Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Wake and cupcake

I wonder if bakers use the term "wake and bake" also. As I cut through our neighboring apartment complex and trudged through the grass glistening with the morning dew, I rounded the corner and stopped in my tracks. Sniff, sniff. What is that pungent, intoxicating aroma? Of course! Our old dear enchantress, Mary Jane. I peer back over my shoulder to the basement balcony, nope no one there, then move my eyes to the first floor balcony where I spy half a body hidden behind a grill. I can only assume they were high because it was a terrible hiding job. I smile and make a remark about that smelling very good and continue on my way whilst they hide and probably freak out behind the grill. The warmth of my vegetarian breakfast sandwich feels good in my hands and the double fiber honey wheat english muffin still feels soft after coming out of the microwave just a few minutes prior. Walking towards the CATbus I replayed what just happened and what it all means. First, that person (wasn't able to ID a gender so maybe it wasn't the worst hiding job) is truly fighting some stereotypical stoner behavior by being up so early in the morning. 8 am is early for most and non-existent for others. 2nd, the DEA (who just celebrated their 35th birthday) clearly is not doing its job and has let this hoodlum slip through the cracks, I guess they need more money and time to win this "war on drugs". Please note extreme sarcasm. Thirdly, even though the federal government keeps telling us that marijuana is horrible and kills babies, that college students still think for themselves and experiment with that mostly harmless, definitely less harmful than alcohol, plant.

So the Drug Enforcement Agency turned 35. Nixon passed the bill and 35 years later, here we are. Let's check some stats shall we?
“At its outset, the DEA had 1,470 Special Agents, a budget of less than $75 million, and a presence in 31 countries. Today, the DEA has 5,235 Special Agents, a budget of more than $2.4 billion and 87 foreign offices in 63 countries.”
Truly a testament to government's ability to take an idea, good or bad, run with it and never look back. Why should they? They're the government for crying out loud! They're never wrong! The article quoted above is by Russ Belville who has a XM radio show and a local AM radio show in Portland. He also happens to run the NORML podcasts and is chair of Portland's NORML branch. You can read the whole article here, courtesy of Lew Rockwell.

So maybe it's time to reevaluate the war on drugs. Don't worry government, you won't have to admit you were wrong. "Times have changed, drugs have changed, drug users have changed so our tactic in the war on drugs must change also. And we're going to legalize marijuana, tax it and sell it in ABC stores all over the country to see how much money we can make and to see if the use of herb sky-rockets." That's just a suggestion, I'm sure your speech writers can really jazz it up with some statistics and figures and, ooooh, insert one of those "Faces of Meth" presentations, if that doesn't keep you off crank, nothing will.

We'll see what happens, but I did notice that the DEA's 35th anniversary wasn't really covered by The Media. I guess no news is better than bad news.

By the way, I'm not a hardcore vegetarian. For the benefit of mistreated animals, J and I are attempting to have as many meat free meals as possible. Humanely treated, free range, grass fed livestock meat is fine with us and delicious!

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