Thursday, July 03, 2008


At least I came back

So I took a few days off. Big deal. No I'm not done with the 30 Days post yet either. The 5th show that aired this Tues. was 30 days for an urban staunchly anti-gun Bostonian to live with a gun loving rural family in Ohio. So far it's pretty interesting. She states that she doesn't feel safe with so many guns in the house; the owner has quite a collection, but luckily for Pia (yes that's really her name) the gun owner is a Marine and was trained by the US government to safely operate and own firearms. Hooray! So does she think the owners will try and shoot her or that someone will break in, steal a gun and then shoot her? We're only one commercial break in and it should be a good one.

Our garden isn't doing so hot. It's our second attempt at container gardening and I don't think our containers are big enough. So instead of buying lots of dirt and larger containers, I'm just going to throw the plants into the ground and hope for the best. Hopefully that will work and we'll finally get some homegrown squash.

J and I will be enduring the highest gas prices yet for the 4th (coincidence? Not bloody likely) and traveling. We're heading up to Gatlinburg for a couple days to check out Ripley's aquarium. I'm of course expecting mermaids, catfish, ratfish, jellydog fish, shark whales, duck turtles and all sorts of abominations that will be unbelievable or not. J really wants to see the Babies in Incubators exhibit. She loves all things tiny and baby. The tinier the better in her book.

I'm looking forward to driving through the mountains and the Smokey Mountains. We're leaving fairly early tomorrow so I'm hoping we can stop along the way and go for a hike. Clingman's Dome is right off the road we'll be traveling and how can we pass up the highest point in the Smokeys? I just saw the Appalachian Trail goes right by there too so maybe we can cheer on some thru-hikers.

We're taking J's new laptop. It's pink and new and nice. It's our first computer purchase in 7 years (8 or 9 for J) and so far is really nice and fast. We splurged for Photoshop so I look forward to playing with that.

If you're lucky the hotel will have wireless and you'll get a special Tennessee mountain post or two.



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