Monday, June 09, 2008


Why is that car stopped? Oh no!

I imagine that's what went through poor Lewis Hamilton's head as he slide into the back of Kimi Raikonnen's Ferrari yesterday. The wreck took Lewis and Kimi out of the race and Kimi dropped from 1st to 4th in the driver's championship points. But he is the Iceman, so I'm sure that won't faze him. It was the 2nd rookie mistake I've seen Lewis make and I'm sure he just got too excited to get back on course and didn't see the red light. His first ever win came at this very same race just last year and I'm sure he doesn't remember Felipe Massa and Fisi getting black flagged for disregarding the red light at the end of the pits.

With that said, HUGE congratulations to Robert Kubica and Poland for their first ever F1 victory! Also congrats to BMW Sauber for taking advantage of Lewis' mistake and getting a BMW Sauber 1 and 2 which brings us to David Coulthard bringing his Red Bull Renault in for his first podium since Monaco 2006. Mark Webber had a tough day and finished out of the points. Better luck in France Mark!

The Indy Racing League was down in Texas at the Learjet 550. I caught the highlights and it looked very exciting as they condensed the 3-4 hour ovalfest down into 3 minutes. Scott Dixon came away with the win and Danica had another top 10 finish slotting into the tenth spot.

The NASCAR Sprint (formerly known as Winston) Cup went around in ovals at Pocono. I can't recall who won but Brian Vickers in the Red Bull Toyota got 2nd. Way to go Red Bull! Excellent race weekend. I also heard that Scott Speed won his first Craftsman truck race in Dover, so congrats to Scott Speed! He's figuring out this "turn left only" racing pretty well.

The Euro 2008 competition is also getting some TV time in our house. We watched the almighty Germans take down Poland 2-0 and then watched our US men tie the number one Argentinians in a friendly in Giants Stadium last night, a scoreless tie but still a good game. Today in the "group of death" the French take on somebody and Netherlands battles Italy. I'm tivoing the Dutch/Italy game for obvious fighting orange vs. defending world cup champs reasons.

You can follow the exploits of Red Bull Racing, mostly stock car with some trucks and F1 tossed in for good measure, at the Team Red Bull Blog "Stock Car Ticker".

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