Monday, June 02, 2008


Turn left, another left, one more, last one, one lap down, 199 to go!

Yes I watched the IRL, Indy Racing League, at the Milwaukee Mile yesterday (cue Wayne's World Alice Cooper scene flashback). Congrats to Aussie Ryan Briscoe for bringing it home for the Penske team. Danica Patrick finished in 9th. The other two women were nowhere to be found. Graham Rahal was doing well until he made a rookie mistake (he is 19) and tried to pass some lap traffic in the wrong place, got too far outside the turn into the "marbles" and smacked the wall, ending his day.

Formula 1 is still bringing their whole operation to this continent for this weekend's Montreal Canadian Gran Prix! Hooray, no more ovals!

The reason I have been watching IRL is because I still feel (and now have some concrete evidence) that NASCAR prospers at the expense of other racing series and they only have 2 road courses a year. IRL has at least 3 or 4, the next one will be Watkins Glen in NY on July 6th. Just for the record, Formula has ZERO ovals, the way it should be, in my humble opinion.

This is pretty cool. It's a graphic that shows where IRL will be racing and the track maps, so let's see how many non-ovals we can find. Ifineon Raceway, Streets of Long Beach, Streets of St. Petersburg, Edmonton, Mid-Ohio, Streets of Detroit (that should be cool, assuming they repave the roads or are potholes just extra obstacles?), and Watkins Glen, so that's 7, hooray! Okay, so it looks like it's the Raceway at Belle Isle Park near Detroit not the streets of Detroit.

I would go over Formula 1 sites but they're all awesome and unique and amazing. Montreal is this weekend AND it's in North America which means that the race will be on at a reasonable time instead of 2 am or 8 am! Noon F1 here we come!

As far as I know, NASCAR has two races that turn left AND right. They race in Watkins Glen and Infineon also. But that's it. Twice a year does the NASCAR "turn left oval fest" get to balance out their set-ups and make them turn left and right equally well. Now let's check the schedule to see when those are June 22nd at Infineon (on TNT) and Aug. 10th at the Glen (on ESPN). That's pretty funny. Fox will show the crap out of the ovals but want nothing to do with road courses. Maybe there are bigger sporting events that day that Rupert wants to show.

So non-oval race fans, have no fear! There will be much turning left and right this summer from all race series. And to all those who claim it reduces passing and will be boring, take a page from our "what to do while everyone turns left all the time" playbook and take a nap or two. The roar of the crowd will wake you in time for the good stuff. We'll be enjoying the cars and trees as they go up and down, left and right.

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