Sunday, June 22, 2008


Must, F1 results

Update #2: Tragedy struck the racing community Saturday. Scott Kalitta perished inside his Top Fuel dragster. These are Scott's final moments on this earth. He was 46 and is survived by his father, his wife Kathy, and his two sons Corey, 14, and Colin, 8. Our hearts and thoughts go out to them.

The F1 Gran Prix at Magny-Cours is almost over by now. However, Fox has decided to show their local Sunday morning programming (it's all churches here, how about you?) and are taping the race to be shown later today at 1 pm. Hopefully they have a bit more (read: any) pre-race discussion and Peter Windsor interviews on grid but I'm not holding my breath. For some reason they have decided to show it against Danica, Graham and others in their Indy cars who will be going around in ovals in Iowa starting at 1:30 pm.

Qualifying was mildly exciting yesterday. Kimi Raikkonen locked up 1st and dove into the pits at the last second and saved himself an extra lap of gas. (After the 3rd and last qualifying session, the teams cannot add gas until their first pit stop in the race) Felipe was a hair off but still came in 2nd for a Scuderia Ferrari Marlboro front row. Lewis came in 3rd but with his 10 spot penalty will actually start the race back in 13th. Ouch but it will be a good test for the driver in his 2nd year to see if he can pull off some passes on track and in the pits and score some points. Fernando Alonso gets bumped up to 3rd spot on grid and the Red Bull Renault boys are starting in a healthy 7th and 8th for Aussie Mark Webber and Scot David Coulthard (who is coming off a great 3rd place podium in Montreal). The lone French driver, Champ Car phenom Sebastian Bourdais, starts his Scuderia Toro Rosso in 13th behind his faster teammate Sebastian Vettel. Go Red Bull! See you at 1 for the start of the race (5 hours after the ACTUAL start of the race of course)! No cheating to get the results early!

In NASCAR left AND right news, some of the top drivers...I'll finish this after taking Leon for a walk because he just usurped my lap from J's new laptop, more on all that later.

Update: Okay, I'm back after a lovely stroll outside, some bug chasing, grass eating and some rolling around in dirt. All cat activities; I just brushed him off a little before he went inside.

It turns out that some of the top drivers can drive pretty damn well and their teams can set up cars to go left and then left AND right the next week. Kasey Kahne (#9) clinched the top spot with Kurt Busch (#48) and Bobby Labonte (#2) rounding out the top 3. Robby Gordon (#7), one of my favorites who is one of the few, if not only, NASCAR driver to even attempt the famed Paris-Dakar rally, will start in 8th. Team Red Bull qualified in 26th and 34th for Brian Vickers (#83) and AJ Allmendinger (#84) respectively. I'm excited to watch my first full NASCAR race ever and cheer them on.

I'll be back on later today or tomorrow for race results.

J and I were in the Hard Labor Creek State Park yesterday for a Newsom family reunion. I'm the grandchild of a first cousin, apparently. It was a fun day hanging out with my aunt and grandparents, all on my mom's side. The day was not all fun and games with someone's wife passing away last Tuesday and the funeral planned for Monday. He gave part of the eulogy he had planned and only choked up once or twice. It was beautiful and compared his marriage to a bed of roses. You had to climb up past the thorns to get to the flowers. It was quite lovely and both J and I had tears in our eyes.

Now to get some writing done before RACING!

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