Wednesday, May 28, 2008


Wed. evening

A rare evening post.

Thanks to the random commenter in the last post for bringing some new info to light. Apparently Adrian Sutil passed 3 cars under yellow, which is illegal, and gained an unfair advantage. But that doesn't change the fact that Kimi ran into another car. Let's also pretend that Adrian didn't make illegal passes and Kimi would have been in 4th at that point in the race. So would Kimi have still wrecked? At that point he would've been 4th behind his teammate Felipe Massa, so would Kimi have taken the other Ferrari out? (And thereby incurring the wrath of Italy and probably Brazil) Or would Kimi have backed off a bit and taken his time to make a clean pass? Or would team orders have come down to encourage Felipe to "make a mistake" and then Kimi would have been able to overtake and gain more points for his run at repeat world champion? (I don't think Ferrari would've done that but it is within the realm of possibility)

Either way it was a great race and the wait until Montreal can't be over soon enough.

J applied to NASA's "stay in bed for 90 days" study to help astronauts fight atrophy and various other zero gravity problems their bodies go through while in outer space. It's fairly wild actually. They get 11-15 days of hanging out at the Human Test Subject Facility in Galveston, Texas at NASA's center whilst getting tests done and baseline measurements. Then it's 90 days of being in bed with your feet slightly elevated above your head. The sleep labs are equipped with computers (and a 28.8 kb modem, ha!) and a gaming system that Ronita Cromwell couldn't remember what it was. They are periodically wheeled out into a common room to converse and play board games with the other bed bugs. Once their bones have decreased in mass, their muscles have atrophied and they permanently want to sleep upright, they can move around and stick around for another 14 days while they go through physical therapy (just like the astronauts!) and regain their strength and general health.

She's actually very excited about it and hopes she makes it. It would be tough not seeing her for 4 months but it's for our country, dammit!

Edit: J just read over this and is still excited. Also I was going to be lazy and not post the links but I had to doublecheck Ronita's first name so I found them all again.
Picture of the bed rest lab (please note lady laying prostrate in bed)
Wired Science article

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