Friday, May 30, 2008


Ray, if someone asks if you're a god; you say yes!

I think that is Bill Murray's character, Peter Venkman, oops I'm wrong; it was Ernie Hudson's character, Winston Zeddemore who said it to Ray, Dan Akroyd's character. Thanks to's Ghostbusters quotes page for clearing that up.

J and I popped in Ghostbusters II to watch last night. As I'm clicking around to play I see "animated episodes". Huh? Animated? Like the cartoon that J and I used to watch in our respective houses when we were 7 and 6? That's right! There were 2 episodes of the Ghostbusters cartoon. When the first episode was done, we confirmed that Bill Murray did not do the voiceover but Arsenio Hall did, and it was copyrighted in 1986. Awesome. All kinds of awesome. What a great cartoon based on a great movie!

We made it halfway through the next episode and never actually got to see the boys take on Vigo the Destroyer or make the Statue of Liberty get off her lazy ass and make her way through Manhattan.

Also a noted aside, as an impressionable 9 year old catching the theatrical release of Ghostbusters II in the summer of 1989 was the first time I ever saw the film get melted by the projector. Of course it happened right as Vigo was coming out of the painting so I thought it was part of the movie until I heard groans and the lights come on. WTF Dad? The theater had some lackeys handing out free passes as an apology. We used those passes to watch Batman, which was amazing. I had a whole new respect for Michael Keaton since the only other movie I had seen him in up to that point was Mr. Mom.

Do you need links to these movies? I'll assume you know Batman and Ghostbuster II but I'll give you Mr. Mom just in case.

Haha! That wasn't what I was going to post about at all!

I read the saga of 5 friends who biked across southern Angola on BMW and KTM motorcycles. They were all from South Africa and had a great time including the several harrowing adventures, all from the riding and none from the very friendly and hospitable locals. His title for the story is "Angola, it's not like they said."

The story comes from the user MetalJockey from the Adventure Rider forums. Be warned, it takes a good 30 minutes to make it all the way through to the epilogue and even though the thread is 65 pages long, Metaljockey has linked his next post so you don't have to slog through it all. Also, it's slightly NSFW because of topless native Angolans.

Which of course, reignited my extreme desire for another motorcycle. I had a 1983 Honda Magna cruiser that was a good starter bike and a good lesson in purchasing used motorcycles (read: I got ripped off). Now I'm hooked on the enduro style motorcycles used for races like the Baja 500, Dakar, and RallyMoto. I just love the idea of commuting to work and then, oh no!, traffic or a detour, but there is a lovely field that cuts right to my job. No worries, I'm on my BMW/KTM! So I hop the curb and offroad it to where I'm going. Also I would love to go camping on my motorcycle and some of the roads definitely qualify as offroad. They also get great gas mileage, so except for the extreme physics disadvantage in a wreck, there is no downside!

Check out the bikes that have been the objects of my petrol lust:
BMW GS650 (in special Dakar trim) starts at $7100, although new the only available colors are silver, black and red

Or the KTM 690 (in Red Bull trim), starts at 8,898, at least if you buy it from these guys

They can both be found used but not very often. The good news is by the time I can actually afford them, they'll be even cheaper!

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