Friday, May 02, 2008


On the other hand

Yesterday I was a tad harsh on organized religion. It really does more good than I let on. I'm a bit more removed from it than I have been in the past and I let the Media influence me with all the negative press that religion gets. It's much better news to cover a pedophilia scandal than feeding and clothing the homeless and needy. Disturbing news brings in more money than feel good news.

There's bad people everywhere, just not in religion, but I also feel that religion is used as the ultimate unquestionable scapegoat more than anything else.

I'll be passing through ATL (and stopping at REI on the occasion of a huge sale they're having sale code ANNV20 for those in the know) on my way to the 'Ham to spend the weekend with friends and family. With most of the REI brand merchandise on sale, and the 20% off coupon, I might just be picking up a new tent, or sleeping bag, or water filter. Not really sure, it depends on what they have and how expensive everything is. Luckily the sale just started today so they should still have a great selection. I'll most likely stop by the one just off 85, exit 94ish I think, the Clairmont Rd one, not the Mall of Georgia one in Buford because I know traffic is going to be nuts around there when I'll be passing by at 6:30-7:30.

Gah! I'm hungry! Lunchtime! Enjoy the weekend if I don't see you before then!

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