Tuesday, May 06, 2008


Indiana and North Carolina - It's your turns!

IN and NC get to weigh in on the Democratic Primary today and it should be exciting. The word on the street is that Barack has NC locked up and IN is still up for grabs.

Friday when I was home, I walked smack dab in the middle of a family "discussion". This is my friend Caveman's family and something in their genes or the way they were raised means they argue by screaming at each other and whoever screams the loudest "wins". They were discussing Bill "Motherfuckin' Ice Tea" O'Reilly and Rev. Wright and politics in general. I of course told my favorite O'Reilly story where he went to Sylvia's in Harlem and was shocked at how well behaved all the black patrons were. Seriously Bill, you need to get out more. It switched from that to how to fix the education system and how the schools need more money for better materials, higher teacher salaries, more extracurricular activities but we also need to get the parents involved also so the kids won't go home, watch TV for hours on end and not do their homework or discuss what they learned in school. No easy answers for any of America's problems but that doesn't mean we shouldn't try to fix them!

Caveman has always had this yelling method of fighting, so once he gets in that mode, if you don't have the same screaming genes, then you can't have a civil rational discussion, so you give him space and take it up again later if it's important. It's the last part that his new wife is having trouble with. She wants to discuss it there and then, but doesn't realize that even though Caveman wants to calmly discuss the problem, his mind or genes or entire body is preventing him from doing that and goes into screaming mode. I think she's slowly realizing that he needs a little time to calm down and collect his thoughts to appear like a rational person instead of a raving lunatic.

Get out and vote IN and NC Democrats! Let your voice be heard whether or not the superdelegates like it!



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