Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I'm addicted to rageahol!

-Homer when his family confronted him about being a rageaholic. Let's see if Google can help with the episode: “I am furious yellow” Episode#: 287. Sounds good.

J is dirty. She has trouble keeping her vehicle clean. She doesn't dirty it up but throws trash and paper everywhere. Mostly it's in the passenger floorboard, which makes it easy to clean up but inevitably something will get lodged underneath the seat and inspire some car cleaning yoga.

I just paid $28 for an oil change which involves oil and filter, tire pressures, clean the windshield and vacuum out the interior and check all the other fluids. Yes it would be cheaper to do it myself, but I know the guys at Xpress Lube on 123 in Clemson, they're amazingly fast and cool guys. They're car guys too and it's nice to support a locally owned oil change franchise.

Tercel had her oil changed. She's at 183,000 miles now and still going strong, or at least strongish. She needs a new flex joint in her exhaust and sounds pretty mean now with the exhaust exiting just below the driver instead of at the back out the muffler. The exhaust is still going through the catalytic converter, so it's just loud and not environmentally damaging. She drives great and after an alignment (maybe this afternoon) she'll drive even better. But her interior leaves alot to be desired. I saw a newer Tercel, probably '95 or '96, and it's interior was immaculate. Gorgeous cloth seats that looked brand new, and maybe they were. So far, and especially with gas being almost Europe expensive, my plan is to get J a newer, nicer car that is still fuel efficient (sorry Hummer, large SUVs and trucks) and for me to daily drive Tercel and put Focus in the garage and slowly turn her into a race car. Of course that depends on whether or not we have a garage at our next place and also if we live in the city, we probably won't need 3 cars, so I would have to change my plans then also.

We'll see. I was watching Motorweek yesterday and saw the 2009 Porsche 911 GT2 and it was truly amazing. Then they mentioned the base price of $192,460. GAH! I had no idea. I can only start to imagine spending that much money on a car. You could get so many toys for that much money. You could get another house for that much money and get your money back once you sold that place instead of losing most of it via depreciation.

Okay, off to work!

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