Wednesday, April 16, 2008


I don't know; what's with your face?

Someone just asked me, yet again, why I have decided to grow a mustache. My standard answer, "because I'd never done it before", seems to suit most people, but why are they asking me? Do they care? Are they intrigued? Are they disgusted? Or is it just simple confusion.

I haven't taken a pic of it recently but let me tell you, it's really coming into it's own. Maybe I'll get a pic before the car show this weekend, but there will definitely be pics early next week.

The pharmacy/convenience store formerly known as Eckerd's did not have mustache wax. I'll probably give CVS a shot tonight but I will probably end up consulting the internet for my wax needs.

So far I'm enjoying it. Yes it gets wet when I drink water and messy foods (think sloppy joes and hot dogs) are exponentially messier with the minefield of hair guarding the entry to my piehole. But if you plan ahead (an extra napkin or two) and are aware of the challenges (chicken wings are much messier so an offer of one or two wings from a friend with too many just isn't worth the trouble) and take a slightly upward trajectory to get the food in your mouth, you barely know it's there. So far it has actually covered up 2 zits, so that's an added bonus.

One definite thing I had to get used to is that I'm very noticeable. I might have mentioned before that sometimes I feel invisible and just blend in with the crowd. That is not possible when you're sporting a full fledged untrimmed "nose neighbor" (thank you Ned Flanders). I stick out everywhere I go. Before J and I were just another white/oriental interracial couple but now we're an interracial couple with a guy with a crazy ass mustache.

I have also started to wonder when it's going to end. I haven't shaved above my lip since Thanksgiving of 2007, which was Nov. 22 so April 22nd will be 5 months. The hair in the middle is almost all the way to the edge of my mouth which means the hair on the edge sticks out pretty far and is fairly out of control.

I think I'm about ready to join the Handlebar Club.



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