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We've had a bit of life-changing drama around the chemistry department recently. Two married continuing education graduate students, the wife in our dept. and the husband in some sort of engineering, joined the university last year sometime. Last Monday his body was found in his lab suspended by a cord around his neck. It was initially ruled a suicide but the wife suspects foul play. In fact, one of my labmates is working with the guy who actually cut him down and he said, "Something looked fishy," so I'll keep you posted with developments as I get them but please keep his wife and 12 yr. old daughter in your thoughts as they struggle through this awful and confusing time.

My parents were in town this weekend and we all had a good time. J and I picked them up at the bus station, after first going to where the bus station used to be then calling the cell phone on the bus that my mom borrowed and getting the directions of "I see Chili's and Wal-Mart" and luckily being a small town and knowing roughly where they were. Picked them up and ate dinner back in Clemson. I apologized for the squeaks and rattles and squealing belt but that's another post for another time. We get back home and talk and relax and enjoy each other's company. Saturday we wake up, grab some breakfast and then head off to our adventures! We drove up here again to hike to the waterfall lookout that J and I found a few years ago. Then we were ravenously hungry and we headed back down the mountain to try and eat at Sweet Basil, the most delicious Thai place in SC, but they close from 2:30-5 and we literally arrived 5 minutes too late. NOOOOOOOOOOOO! So we ate at Moe's which was very good in a non-curry and coconut milk kind of way. With full bellies and feeling very satisfied, we headed over to J's new building! Her company is moving to a fancy pants new building instead of their converted church cafeteria where they are now. From there it was off to Pelzer, SC. What's in Pelzer you ask? I will tell you. Just the happiest cows this side of the Mississippi! They have the best milk I've tasted in a long time. It's non-homogenized just like your parents and grand-parents had delivered to their houses in the glass bottles, so you have to shake it to distribute the cream, or you can let it settle on top and eat that for super fatty goodness. Chocolate milk, blueberry cheddar, spicy pepper jack, cottage cheese, cream cheese and much more was purchased, all from happy cows fed by all-natural SC grass and weeds. So good. They even have pick your own strawberries starting in May. J and I will be going back.

We headed home and all told drove about 120 miles or so and I was glad to get home and sit while not driving. The rest of the day was more chatting, some dinner, grocery shopping and watching Qualifying for the F1 race outside of Barcelona.

Sunday my folks got up and went to the church that sent a work group down to help them out a few weeks ago. J and I did not go. I watched the race while J slept. We were supposed to grill out but the weather didn't cooperate so I kept everything in the kitchen and still made a delicious meal of turkey burgers, hot italian turkey sausage, sesame ginger chicken drumsticks, roasted vegetables and mac & cheese. Naps after cleaning up and then more resting and relaxing. Then we busted out the Wii and bowled some, played some golf and my dad boxed a couple guys. Since their train left at 5:30 am this morning, Mom and Dad turned in at 7:46 pm, J and I watched NBC's shows from Thursday (30 Rock is all kinds of awesome, as are the others) while J was neck deep in a case of the Sunday blues.

The two other cars on the road this morning didn't notice the black Focus yawning and driving too slow. I dropped Mom and Dad off and drove back to my wife while they awaited the Amtrak to whisk them off to their next adventure while J and I plunge back into our daily routines. I don't have to teach lab anymore! Hooray! Let's see if I can continue that this Fall.

Okay, back to work!

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