Wednesday, March 12, 2008


No more lefty birds!

I'm pretty sure I strained my middle finger of my left hand using our new rock rings. I know this because it hurts if you push on it and it happened last year on the middle finger of my right hand. I can still climb though. The wall will be closed next week due to Spring Break (woohoo) so hopefully it'll heal some then.

I saw a lovely Focus rally car for sale online. Here it is now! He's asking $9000 which is really reasonable considering my budget for building my Focus in a Rally Focus is at least $15,000 and everyone always says to buy your first rally car instead of building it yourself. Hopefully when I can afford to blow that much on a hobby, there will be a Focus with a cage and the works available and reasonably priced.

My racing is on hold for right now. My struts are blown and need to be changed. The March BMW event was canceled so now the closest autocross is the BMW event in October. Boo. What that means is I'll be traveling to Charlotte or Atlanta if I want to drive my Focus in anger around cones in a parking lot.

I think I got ditched for lunch so I'll be eating at my desk by myself. Don't feel sorry for me; I love hanging out with me.

Sick of flipping through the channels looking for non-NASCAR racing? Have no fear! Formula 1 starts this Friday in the Land Down Under! I read an article about Scott Speed (former Scuderia Toro Rosso F1 driver) who was forced out of F1 and then came to NASCAR, just to try something different. I'll have to get the whole quote out of Car&Driver but he did say that driving a stock car "is like driving a boat".

I hope my eventual and still theoretical son or daughter enjoy cars and racing and the outdoors. Honestly I'm hoping for a girl because I know J wants one and my mom would love a granddaughter after raising two rambunctious boys. It would be hard in some respects but easier in others. A fast guy is not that rare, but a fast girl? Those are in short supply. And I know J would love to have a pink racecar in the garage.

With energy prices currently going off the chart, I think J is coming around on motorcycle riding. We looked at the BMW dealer a few weekends ago and if we can find one that will fit her (and I get out of school and get a job and we have a garage and the weather is nice to ride) then we'll probably go ahead and pick one up so that I can commute on it and she can learn to ride. The only real problem is that they're small so drivers don't always see them and physics is not on our side if we have an accident.

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