Monday, March 24, 2008


It's a mad, mad March

With Clemson, Georgetown and Pittsburgh all losing over the weekend, my NCAA men's basketball tournament bracket is all messed up. Basically to win I need every higher ranked team (UNC, Memphis, UCLA) to lose as soon as possible. I'm fairly screwed. Luckily we only have an order of fries riding on it. I know better than to pay lots of money for a bracket pool because I'm terrible at it. I only watch college basketball in March so I'm out of my element.

I just saw that 4 US soldiers perished for their country over the weekend which officially brings the US soldier death toll to 4,000. I know they died for their country but why did our country ask them to die?

Baseball is starting up again. Meh.

I'm still amazed how well this country tolerates alcohol and its abuse.

A friend, J and I caught the Greenville leg of the Banff Mountain Film Festival tour last Thursday. It was pretty cool. I'll have a better recap tomorrow. I have work to do right now.

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