Monday, March 03, 2008


I made bureaucracy happen!

I was never really sure if we had a City of Clemson supplied trashcan. There were lots of cans out front of our place but none that had our number on it. So I gave the public works department a call and asked them to check it out. Did they ever. We came home to find all the trash cans with warnings stating that the cans must be removed from the curb by sundown of trash pick up day, but more importantly we have our own trashcan now! And no one can take it away from us! We'll see what happens if someone's can is still on the curbside next Wed. morning. They might just lose their trashcan privileges. Oh no! Sorry neighbor!

J and I went for a nice hike yesterday. We hiked along the Foothills Trail for about 3 miles or so, ate lunch next to the Chattooga River and then hiked back to Focus who was waiting patiently and couldn't wait to get back on the dirt road that led to the trailhead. She even got a little slideways on a couple turns where the road was wide and I could see if someone was coming. Gotta get my co-driver J used to sliding around a little bit. A little sideways is okay but crazy sideways looks cool but just isn't fast.

We had hoped to make it to Big Bend Falls but didn't hike far enough in. We did get to see Lick Log Falls which was tiny and pretty and a vaguely suggestive name, and we actually missed it the first time through but saw it on the way out. Photos will be up this week. Okay, I'm going to go see if Google Earth can help me figure out how far we hiked and how close we were to Big Bend. Next time we'll start a little closer to Big Bend Falls.

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