Tuesday, March 18, 2008


Happy Hangover Day!

It's hard for me to get into St. Paddy's Day spirit when I have to work all day and then do it again the next day, with drunken debauchery in between. I know of people who take St. Patrick's Day off so they can really enjoy it and I suppose that if you get drunk early enough and pass out early enough, it would be possible to get the hangover out of the way and still get some good refreshing sleep before work the next day. I signed Guiness' Proposition317 because I love Guiness and it would be cool to have a holiday explicitly dedicated to drinking. Yes there are others but they all fall under the guise of family or sporting events.

As I watched the post-race interviews after this weekend's first Formula 1 race, I realize how hypocritical I have been and I really need to work on my view of corporations. I can't hate all corporations. Corporations feed me, build houses, entertain me and put me to sleep at night. But what I can do is be more mindful of which corporations I choose to support. Especially if I get to realize my dream of being a paid rally driver, I will be the face for several corporations. The Australian Grand Prix winner, Lewis Hamilton, is the face of Vodafone, McLaren, Mercedes-Benz, Spanish bank Santander, Hugo Boss, Exxon freaking Mobil, Johnnie Walker, Bridgestone, Fed Ex and Aigo (which is an electronics company). That's alotta corporations. Here's Lewis with KISS:

See? So if I really want to compete on a local, national or international scale, I'm going to need some corporations on my side. The oil companies support all racing and all driving period, until we can make lots of cars that aren't dependent on oil. Even if I was on the inside of an oil company, I don't think I could change much all by myself.

We need corporations to be better role models. Stop giving your execs millions of dollars because they fucked over its employees the best and made the stock price go up a quarter of a point. Stop raping Mother Earth in the name of the almighty euro. You can rape her a little but you also have to help her recover otherwise there won't be anything left for your demon spawn to exploit.

I'm gonna start my bamboo farm. I'm pretty sure I can make some furniture out of it and then I need to figure out the best way to make building materials from bamboo.

Off to work and write!

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