Monday, March 31, 2008


Final Zero

I was officially eliminated from our March Madness bracket yesterday. The only team I had left was Louisville who lost to UNC. I suck and cannot pick college basketball winners. I'm not too torn up about it. The cost of losing is an order of fries from Fernow St. Cafe, yes an Aramark food provider.

Subaru and I installed the stock struts back onto the front of Focus. Her other ones were shot and were making an awful noise. The noise mostly went away but now I think it was partly the front sway bar creaking also. There are no new suspension plans for Focus right now. I'm still saving up for our next car and to see where we end up and what kind of garage space we have next.

J and I ate at Red Robin yesterday. I love it when restaurants double up on ingredients and slap them on multiple menu items. Their chili made an appearance on our chili cheese nachos, which had 4 or 5 blackened nachos, as well as a chili burger and a cup of chili. It didn't work too well on the nachos which weren't cooked properly anyway. Brent, our server, did keep the water flowing and the "bottomless" steak fries coming. I ordered the Big Kahuna Burger or something like that, a teriyaki burger with pineapple and I added their mango mayonnaise to it also. Pretty damn good. Not necessarily $9 good, but with inflation and all that, the price was about right. J had their Southwestern pasta which she did not like. She tried to order their mac & cheese but was ordering from an old menu and they don't have it anymore. She was crestfallen to say the least. We will not be going back to Red Robin. This was the one in Greenville, SC on Woodruff Rd. if you're wondering where not to eat in Greenville.

Finally I brought in my notes from the Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour! This was at Camelot Cinemas stop of the tour in Greenville, SC on Thursday, March 20th at 7 pm. We arrived early because we heard it was sold out and wanted a good seat. J and Sporty (her co-worker friend from work who drives a TDI Jetta very slowly, to conserve diesel of course) arrived before I did but they had my ticket, so I told J to meet me out front next to the motorcycle. There was a really pretty MV Augusta Brutale, not sure which one exactly. Those Italians make some gorgeous vehicles and this was no exception.

We go inside just as they're letting people in the theater and get a great seat right in the middle. Sporty noticed that the chairs were offset so that no one's head would be directly in front of you. Nice work Camelot Cinemas. J wants some water so I get $3.50 from her and bring back a 20 oz. bottle of water. Yikes. Then the show starts.

The tour opens with "Balance" by Paul Cotton. It focuses on 2 amateur skiers and shows how they grow and ultimately become professionals over the course of 2 years. They started with some nasty falls and montaged their way to pulling some sick tricks off some huge drops.

Next was "Inner Balance" by Brian Mackenzie. Here's an online review and synopsis. The emcee intros the film by telling us that there is no coasting on a unicycle and they have a brake which is operated under the seat, which is why alot of the unicyclists had the rodeo grip throughout the movie. Those guys pulled off some amazing tricks and jumps. One of my favorite parts was the guy riding the old timey bicycle like this
and it was neat to see where the unicycle came from and how changing the diameter of the wheel changed the gearing for the unicycle.

"20 Seconds of Joy" featuring Karina Hollekim, Norwegian BASE jumper and sponsored Red Bull athlete. This was the main feature as it clocked in at 60 minutes. It followed the career of Karina as she scoured the globe looking for her next jump. She teamed up with Jeb Corliss for alot of them and it was amazing hearing them talking about the realities that you have to deal with as BASE jumpers.
1) You will get hurt.
2) You will see people, probably your friends, die.
3) You will die.
If you can accept those handy dandy bite sized facts, then you are qualified to jump off of a Building, Antenna, Span, or Earth. Jeb said there are basically 3 ways that people get out of BASE jumping.
1) They get hurt and can't physically do it anymore.
2) They decide not to jump anymore.
3) They die.
And that's it. Those are the 3 ways out. Karina progressed from sky diving (you're supposed to have at least 250 sky dives before you BASE jump, she had 25 before her first time) to BASE jumping, to pulling flips off a jump, to a wingsuit, to a wingsuit and instead of flying away from the cliff, soaring right next to it and pulling away at the last minute. I won't give away the ending, in case you see it sometime, but it's awesome and awe-inspiring.

That's it for now. I'll be back later with the other 4 films.

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