Monday, March 10, 2008



My nose is stopped up and my throat still hurts a bit. I'm drinking hot tea and orange juice to try and kick it old school. I also started adding some Tylenol cold and sinus, so hopefully I'll get over it soon.

J was VERY disappointed to hear that it was "Spring Forward" and not spring back on Sunday. She'll never get that hour back, until October of course.

We did some very minor home improvements. We moved the bookshelf off the wall and removed the paper backing making it unstable but it gives a very airy feel to it. We used a couple L brackets to affix it to the wall so we don't have the leaning tower of books anymore. I also finally put up my Christmas present rock rings. We only made it halfway through their little training regiment and J can't do a pull up yet. I'm starting to realize that it isn't that common for women to not be able to do a pull up, which brings up the question, how many guys can't do one pull up?

I'm presenting in group meeting today, so I'll be preparing for that. I also just realized this computer didn't update the clock automatically. Silly computer.



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