Wednesday, February 20, 2008


Price drop!

To anyone who bought an ipod shuffle in the past couple of weeks: SUCKER! Apple just announced they dropped the price from $80 to $50! Hooray! That's almost a buy one-get one free deal.

We took J's mom to trivia with us at Keith St. last night. It's a trivia night that the Grad. Student Government has started doing and is more fun and relaxed than the other trivia in town. Everyone had a good time and we came in 4th (I think). I was useless for most of the questions in the later rounds. The final question was name the original 7 wonders of the ancient world and give their locations. I named 1 or 2, luckily others covered most of them.

The half time question was stupid. Name the 7 noble gases. We got 6 and then debated what the 7th was. Yeah, it doesn't exist yet. Someone might have made it but I'm sure it only existed for a fraction of a second. It doesn't even have a real elemental name! We put down its' number, 118, but they wanted the latin name they give to elements that might exist but haven't been made yet. 118 is ununoctium. It will most likely get its own name one day.

Enough chemistry trivia, off to work!


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