Thursday, February 28, 2008


Hey, now it's over there!

We had a real estate agent drop by the house this morning (with 24 hours notice of course, although it was really 15 minutes less than 24 hours but I'll let it slide) and the DirecTV guy moved our receiver across the room to another corner. We like to rearrange our rooms periodically just to keep things fresh and interesting and as a great excuse to clean where we normally don't clean.

The real estate lady dropped by and she was looking at the place for a potential buyer. I was concerned that our lease wouldn't be honored but she allayed my fears and received the dirt on our current place and property management. She was very pleasant and nice and the cats really liked her. They do like most people but definitely don't like everyone. She noticed pictures of J and I and so we talked about J being Oriental and then discussed lost pets (we lost Julio and she lost a parakeet). I wish I had a house to sell (not really in this housing market) but if I did, I would highly recommend her if I was selling a house or townhouse or other property in or around Clemson.

I showed up to lab 11 minutes late. My students read the syllabus and saw that they're technically supposed to give me 30 minutes to show up and they decided that 15 minutes was a fair compromise. I was 4 minutes away from teaching an empty lab. It's a small lab (only 9 people) so they didn't mind too much.

On a sad note, Boyd Coddington passed away on Wed. Feb. 27th. Boyd was one of this country's premiere hot rod builders. He could do things with metal that would boggle your mind. He recently became a little more mainstream with his show "American Hot Rod" on the Discovery Channel. Apparently he also trained Chip Foose and Jesse James of car and bike fame. His metal working skills will truly be missed but his legend will live on through the metal he brought to life. We'll miss you Boyd. Thanks for sharing your knowledge and skill with us.

Built by hand, loved by all.



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