Thursday, January 03, 2008


Vote Richardson!

The numbers from Iowa are coming in and it looks like Mike Huckabee has it sealed. Way to come out of nowhere. At least it shows that it's possible and maybe the media should give equal time to ALL candidates, but congrats, 1 down, 49 to go.

Bill Richardson is getting a few votes and he thanks you. I'm not really sure how it works but it sounds like a wild time. I've heard that you show up to a gymnasium or other large gathering place and there are demarcated areas for voters of each candidate. Then they go around counting and if your candidate doesn't have at least 15% of the support (presumably just from that polling place), he or she is declared invalid and the supporters can go join a "real" candidate. Fuck that. It's Richardson or no one. I might vote Democratic in the Nov. elections but I need another few months to see where they stand on the issues and then I'll decide. Not right there on the spot. I would most certainly walk out. It sounds like Obama would be doing okay without me anyway.

J and I get to take part in the democratic process on Jan. 19th or Jan. 26th depending on whose primaries we want to take part in. Please keep the democratic processes in Pakistan and Kenya in mind as you make your way to the polls in the coming months.

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