Monday, January 21, 2008


The Quickening

J and I saw Cloverfield in the theater on Sat. It was okay. It's a "found video personal video camera" movie ala Blairwitch Project and others. So the camera work is shaky and J wanted to kill the guy who kept narrating, filming and being annoying throughout much of the movie. I think he's supposed to be drunk which would explain his being annoying. I'm a fan of giant monster movies so I liked this one. Be it King Kong, Godzilla or this one, I love seeing Manhattan (or any large city) being tormented by a huge beast. Also, it was nice to see the actress who played Janice in "Mean Girls" in another movie. Now off to just to make sure I'm right and learn her name. Yup, Lizzy Caplan is her name and she should get more work!

The writer's strike is still going on. According to United Hollywood, it's been 45 days but I saw almost 3 months elsewhere. I hope Big Media comes to their senses soon. I like watching NBC and Fox occasionally, but if the only new shows they have are reality shows, then I probably won't. EVER AGAIN!



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