Thursday, January 17, 2008


Patience is a virtue

And you, my loyal readers, have shown it in spades. So without further adieu, here is the big surprise!

A mustache! It's my first real venture into the realm of facial hair. I've tried the soul patch before, but J would always complain that it was too scratchy. Then last November I started noticing more and more guys with mustaches, so I figured I would give it a shot. I should've taken a pic everyday and made a small cool video, but that didn't happen. Currently I'm planning on shaving it off before a job interview, so I'll have the opportunity to make that video again.

This is how I wear it most days. I haven't invested in 'stache wax to keep it twisted all day.

Please ignore the acne, I break out with stress and my seminar next week is the cause of said stress.

I had also planned to have a pic or two of some older pics of me with long hair, but this is all you get today.

Hope you enjoyed the suspense and the pay-off! I know I have enjoyed playing with my mustache and inadvertently chewing on it for the past month.

Update: Almost forgot, Wannabe President Mike "Suckabee" Huckabee is appearing at Clemson today. Of course I'm going. Why? Not so I can hear his ultra-conservative social stances or his moderate economic policies or be regaled by Huckabee propaganda. No. The word on the street is he's supposed to have BOTH Chuck Norris AND Natureboy Ric Flair! Wow, how can I resist? Honestly though, I'm more excited about Ric Flair. I grew up watching wrestling (wrasslin' as my dad and most of the South calls it) and he was one of the more, um, flamboyant characters in the wrestling league formerly known as the WWF and the WCW.

Check out that robe. Classy. Whoops, turns out he gets a little angry on the road too.

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