Tuesday, January 01, 2008



Happy 2008! I'm at work because my final seminar is Jan. 18th and we're taking some vacation time next week, so I'm trying to get ahead. Ideally I want it done so I can go over it with the adviser by Friday, so everyday counts. We went over to Subaru's house last night and hung out with them. We played both square Blokus and trigonal Blokus. Personally I think the trigonal is far superior. I won both games and actually got rid of all my pieces for the first time ever! It helped that Subaru's wife hadn't played before and took the fight directly at Subaru when she actually should've been trying to block me. We had some delicious Ballatore sparkling wine. It was sweet and I finally realized why I haven't liked hardly any champagnes. I hate dry champagne. I don't like them. But this was sweet and fruity.

Did anyone catch some of Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve? Wow, Dick Clark, I love you and you are a legend but it might be time to call it quits. He looked great but his voice was weak and unsure. Dick, give up the showbiz game. Spend time with your beautiful wife and your kids and grandkids. New Year's Eve won't be the same without you but it'll get by.

Don't worry, I'm tivoing the football games that I'm missing today. In my humble opinion, today is the best bowl game day out of them all. Yesterday was good albeit marred by Clemson's heartwrenching overtime loss to the Auburn Tigers. But today we get the mighty Arkansas Razorbacks fighting the Missouri somebodies. And the Florida Gators taking on the evil Michigan Wolverines. I was raised an SEC fan so my allegiance always goes with the conference except for hated conference rivals, so go Wisconsin Badgers! Beat those stupid Tennessee Volunteers. I don't really have any allegiance to any ACC team besides Clemson, so they're all on their own. The Georgia Bulldogs battle the Mighty Hawaii Fight Rainbows (or whatever they changed their mascot to recently, but the rainbows is better, pbbbbt, they're the "Warriors" now, how about the Rainbow Warriors?) in primetime after we get to see the USC Trojans slaughter the Illinois Fighting Illini. Yes I'm a college football junkie and that'll spill over into the pro league sometimes too. It's such a great system because even if you hate pro football, all your favorite college superstars wind up there so you can at least cheer for the player if you don't like the whole team.

J was asleep with the cats when I left for work this morning. I was awake at 8:45, no alarm. I used to be able to sleep for hours on end like J still can, but I lost it. I think once I realized that if you get up before 9 am on a Saturday, it's almost like having two whole Saturdays because instead of sleeping until 1 or 2, you get another 6 hours to play with.

My New Year's resolution is to eat less and be more active. Hopefully this Christmas present will help once it shows up in the mail.

To work!

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