Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Just a hint

My surprise has to do with a visible part of my clothed body. I've almost said too much.

Snowshoe was an absolute blast and they had some newly built studio apartment/condos that started at $159,000. I didn't get to see one but it would be cozy but at the top of a year-round use mountain. Skiing and winter sports when the weather cooperates and some wicked mountain biking and hiking in the summer months. There are a few downsides though and I'll cover those in my following "Staying at Snowshoe" tutorial.

So you want to go to Snowshoe huh? Winter or summer it's a very cool place. Staying in the Village Center is a bit pricey but you're right in the middle of everything. Don't worry if you're a bit further away, there are shuttles that run regularly from 8 am to 10 pm (but you should probably double check those times). I'm assuming that you're not made of money or don't want to eat out every meal. You're gonna need to stock up. Bring a cooler because the closest grocery store is at least 20-25 minutes away from Snowshoe in Marlinton, WV. It's the Fas Chek in Marlinton. You get to shop where the locals shop. They had some nice locally grown bell peppers, some shipped oranges and other vegetables. They had frozen pizza and lots of canned veggies and soups. No deli counter, no meat counter, but they had some packaged meats. Basically if you want something beyond very standard grocery store food, bring it from home. Elkins, WV is the closest "large" town and they have a Kroger and Food Lion, according to Google Maps. The Wildcat Provisions store at the top of the mountain is a glorified gas station, with remote gas station prices to match, although you can rent movies there.

Our room at Rimfire had both a VCR and a DVD player, so be sure to bring a few movies along with you.

So now you have some food and in-room entertainment. We tried the Foxfire Grill for appetizers one night, J had some sort of empanada thing and I had the delicious S'mores dessert. It came with several marshmallows, a Hershey bar, graham crackers, some caramel candies with the marshmallow middle and some Mary Janes. I didn't know what they were either, but they're chewy and peanut buttery and made a very good S'more. Our spot at the bar received many jealous glances as I slow roasted my 'mallow over the Sterno fire. J was close to getting S'mores banned from every restaurant by flinging a flaming marshmallow across the dining room, but saved it at the last second. Southern Living had a feature on Snowshoe and recommended the mac & cheese. J being a mac & cheese fanatic, obviously wanted to try it, but once we looked at the menu and saw the $25.99 price tag, she decided to abstain. Oops, apparently it's also correctly spelled Foxfire Grille. So why is the m&c so much?
Foxfire goes uptown down south with this creamy blend of Five Cheeses, Roasted Garlic and Tomatoes, with Penne Pasta and Lump Chesapeake Crabmeat, topped with crunchy Panko and Asiago Cheese

That's why and throw in the middle of nowhere surcharge and that's some pricey cheesy pasta.

We also tried the Cheat Mountain Pizza Company (no dedicated website for them) and I would HIGHLY recommend the cheesy breadsticks. They were super cheesy and had a nice crunchy exterior to the warm bread interior. Their white pizza with chicken, onions, peppers and mushrooms were good but the red onions they used had a spicy bite that I didn't like. Sautee those onions and it would've been transcendent.

Red Rover offers a wine bar/hot dog option that I'd never seen before. Unfortunately we never had a chance to stop in.

Another added feature of Rimfire, we had our own key card access door leaving Starbucks going right into the lobby in front of the elevators. Big time. (Speaking of which, Clemson has officially arrived, our Starbucks served its first latte last week. I would've stopped by to support it but everyone else seems to be doing that for me.)

We never did go swimming at our outdoor hot tubs or at the Split Rock Pools, but they seem to be a popular evening activity.

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